Grab Truck Hire

Here at North West Grab and Tipper Hire Ltd we offer Grab truck hire as an alternative to skip hire.  There are various benefits to this as Grab trucks as opposed to skips to remove larger volumes of waste in less time.  The main benefits of using our grab truck being the price, the size of the containers and the method used for removal of waste. This is one way of keeping your costs down on your projects.

Our grab truck can carry a wide range of materials from soil to general rubbish but we do not stop at waste removal we can also carry materials for you. It is a quick and easy way to carry a large quantity of material to your required destination in Salford, Manchester or around the North West.

Each truck comes with a fully qualified driver who takes full responsibility for loading and removing your waste. The driver will load the waste and drive it away instantly which allows you to continue with your work causing less delay on your task in hand. Our grab truck can carry approximately 18 tonnes of material on average and choosing our service will help you complete your project quickly and efficiently.

The hydraulic grab arm has revolutionised waste removal and have made those once impossible to access areas easily accessible allowing fast removal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation and availability on this or any more of our products.

Contact our company in Salford, Lancashire to arrange hire of our Grab Trucks. 

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